Thursday, February 08, 2018

We Bought a Farm: Who Needs Crossfit?

Folks, who needs an exercise regime when you spent a half hour of your morning moving onions? An awesome family that we love dearly was processing their pigs and could no longer use these onions. Our girl pigs have finally accepted the onion in their diet, and so, wonderful family delivered free onions to our farm. These bags were FORTY pound bags. Add all the ice and water to the onions, and they were HEAvvvvvvyyyyy, but we took care of it and now our pigs are ready to eat some onions!!

In completely unrelated news, our chickens are laying like CRAZY right now! We hit 68 eggs today from our approximately 130 birds. I love how different all of our eggs are both in size and shape and color. Check out these cool pictures below:

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