Sunday, February 18, 2018

We Bought a Farm: An Empty Farm House

I wasn't sure how we would do it but somehow we did it. Our upstairs is totally empty and now, so is the downstairs.

Well, you will notice the one big Turkish desk in this picture above. Actually we plan to put that upstairs in the new room that will eliminate the vaulted ceiling in our house. But it won't fit up the stairs. So the plan is to pull it up over the landing and "build it in" to the room upstairs. This means it can never leave, but we are prepared for that as we don't plan to leave either. And if we do? Well someone will inherit a wonderful desk. 

Our kitchen is still intact and our bedroom is stuffed to the brim. But otherwise, everything has found a home in the garage. Wow has it been an adventure to get to this point. We are blessed with a WWOOFing couple here that have helped carry the farm load while I carried the inside load. 

More pictures and updates to come. 

Stay tuned to see how this house finally becomes our HOME!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

That is a beautiful desk! Praying that you have peace in this chaotic time. And I hope you enjoy the moving back in when that happens - probably nice to get the old big move cleaning and organizing in without actually having to move! :-)