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Review: Starfall Education Foundation

I had the opportunity to review The Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation with my two daughters ages four and six. Both girls gave the program two thumbs up and never complained when told it was "Starfall" time. (This is always a major sign of a good program for me!)

The Starfall Home Membership is designed for parents, teachers, or someone like me: a homeschooling parent (so both a parent and a teacher!) It is an early education website designed to support and expand on children's learning in the early. As they state on their website: "Our goal is to reach out to teachers, parents, guardians, babysitters, homeschooling families -- anyone involved in the early education -- and help you feel supported and excited about your children's early education."
Here is a picture of four-year-old Hannah having fun on the program. Hannah is very "picky" and will moan and complain when asked to do something that she isn't completely sold on. But she didn't complain at all with The Starfall Home Membership.

My six-year-old daughter Abigail was equally enthralled with the program. When I asked Abigail what she liked about Starfall she told me, "EVERYTHING!" Here she is working through some second grade math concepts on the iPAD version of the program:

The Starfall Home Membership is designed for children in grades pre-k to second grade. My Hannah is pre-k (and doing pre-k and kindergarten work), and my Abigail is kindergarten (but doing first and second grade work) so this was perfect for us. 
Here were some of the things I loved most about the The Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation:
This is an incredibly affordable program. For just $35, an entire family can use the program for one year. The membership can be used on Android, Kindle or iOS in addition to a desktop computer. We used it on our desktop computer and our iPAD. This works out to about $4 a month.
Firstly it is important to note that if you want to get the FULL aspect of the program you need to use it on a desktop computer. While the iPAD app is great, it has a lot less to offer than the desktop version. (Starfall is still working on enhancing their app and catching it up with everything the desktop offers.)

Here is the main screen you see when you log in on the desktop version of the program:
From here there are SO many fun things to do and a child can easily maneuver it by themselves. (I love programs that are EASY!) My daughter Abigail clicked on the arrow in the bottom right corner that says: "First Grade This Way." From there things are broken down as following:
  • 1st Grade Math
    • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
    • Base Ten Number & Operations
    • Measurement & Geometry
  • 1st Grade Reading
    • Reading: Literature & Informational Text
    • Phonics 
Each of these categories offers a ton of different resources and options for learning. It would take me a ton of bullets to list everything that there is to do!

3. FUN Like I said, whenever I find a program that gets rave reviews from everyone in the family (or in this case, both of the children at the correct age to do the program), I am sold. There was no complaining. The girls liked doing the program and asked if they could do it again. The fact that they were learning while doing it? All the more reason for you to give this program a try.

In the Parent-Teacher Center there are tons of extras like:
  • ELA Worksheet Generators
  • Math Worksheet Generators
  • Custom Printables
  • Projectable Books & Posters
  • Printable Downloads
You can find more about the The Starfall Home Membership from Starfall Education Foundation by visiting them on:

The Starfall Home Membership {Starfall Education Foundation Reviews} 
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