Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Friendship

This is a big weekend for us here at the farm. We are hosting an "Introduction to Permaculture" Conference on Saturday. JB is working three nights in a row, has one day to sleep, and then the conference. After that he has another three days to work in a row. In addition, the girls are in ballet camp. Whew. It's a big one here!

Even better? Our friend Leeann and her husband Pete are here for the conference. Leeann was my nurse when I delivered Sidge on Eglin AFB, and she and her husband both worked with JB at Eglin. We have stayed in touch since our military paths separated, and truly, social media, in this case, left us both feeling like we were living closer than we were.

My kiddos have only had here for day 1 of 3, but they are head over heels for her (and her husband is a keeper too!). It is truly like they have known her forever. What FUN!!!

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