Monday, May 20, 2013

Triple Birthday Party!

We had three friends all having a birthday within 2 weeks of each other. So we decided to combine them into a little party.

Frank and Claire's son Gavin was turning 3.

Mike & Carla's guy Max was turning 4.

And of course, our Isaac was 5!

I love this picture of the two brothers being boys.

Cupcakes courtesy of Carla the great!

Here is a picture of my neighbor and great friend, Carla and her husband Mike.

Opening presents with Daddy and Mommy.

It was a superhero themed party!

Claire's son Jacob is older than the other kids and is a constant source of entertainment for them!

Frank and their baby girl Bria.

JB and his baby girl Abigail!

Captain America!

Me trying to get in on the festivities.

Our friends Nick and Kristy with their new little Liam.

Buddies eating lunch together.

Abigail loves her Ms. Carla.

Sonia, Carla and me (I realized I have no pictures of our friend Jenn who was there! Sorry Jenn!)

Claire, Connie, and Sonia.

Joni is here for the party! (And always a super good sport!)

More superheroes.

Love this lil' guy.

And this lil' guy.

Great buddy Jackson.

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David and/or Lesley said...

Love the superhero party photos! There are actually FOUR birthdays to celebrate, right? Happy Birthday, Wen!! :) Lots of love to you!