Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Funnies

After our flight to the USA Sidge told me, "I'm too tired to even eat."
Abigail makes a sign for "chapstick" where she rubs her fingers on her lips. When Joni said she was going to play Chopsticks on the piano, Abigail began to make the sign for Chapstick.
Me: "What branch of the military is Daddy in?"
Sidge: "Ummm ..."
Me: "Is he in the Army?"
Sidge: "No. He's in the Clinic."
Me: "Sidge, tell Joni if I am going to have a boy or a girl."
Sidge: "Abigail is going to have a sister!"
Joni: "Well aren't you going to have a sister too?"
Sidge: "No. I already have one."

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Kelli said...

Catching up on your life...SO many exciting and amazing blessings!! XO