Sunday, May 12, 2013

A whirlwind

The kiddos celebrating our return to our home in the Azores. These were two costumes we had gotten Isaac for his birthday. He was so excited to get home and open them. (He thought he only got one. But there were two so he could share one with his brother!)

I am home!

I did it!

Two weeks ago I decided at the last minute to go back to the USA with the kids. It was a random decision. I was twenty weeks pregnant and still battling morning sickness. In fact, even now, while home at twenty-two weeks, I continue to fight pregnancy sickness. I missed America something awful, probably due to how I have been feeling.

As I have mentioned previously, my emotions have been impacted greatly by this pregnancy. On days where I am sicker, I tend to fight anxiety and depression more. Darn hormones! So two weeks ago JB and I just decided, "Why not?" Try to get on the rotator and spend a week back in good ol' America with some good food and good sunshine. Of course, John had to work, but I could do it. Right?


I got the last four seats of the 23 open seats for the flight. Wowzers!

I went back and forth the whole trip with the thoughts of: This was the best idea ever to Am I out of my mind traveling with three kiddos while not feeling well? But I did it! (With help of course!)

I spent a week in the D.C. area with my great friend from Turkey Sarah Stebbins. She was awesome. She took us in with twenty-four hours notice. Then, when we failed to get on the rotator back to the Azores on that Saturday (the seats are not assigned; you have to get one based on a detailed category process), I decided to fly to South Florida and spend a week with our families. Again, I gave my someone (my parents this time) less than twenty-four hours notice. Craziness!

Talk about completely spontaneous -- from a woman who likes to plan her entire life.

We returned to Baltimore on Friday night, spent the night in a hotel, and Praise the Lord got seats on that Saturday's flight.

Now, we are home, in the Azores! Connie's two sons: Casey and Colin, my cousins whom I have not seen in years, are here visiting, and Joni comes into town next week.

Lots to celebrate.

P.S. Your prayers for me are so appreciated. Please keep them coming. The morning sickness has lessened but has still really worked me over physically and emotionally. I am working on taking one day at a time, praising the Lord for this fourth miracle, and knowing that I will feel like Wendi someday soon!

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TAV said...

I'm proud of you, Wendi! I know it's really challenging to travel with kids but (as someone who, like you, is a big planner!) sometimes great blessings can come from spontaneity! Feel better soon!