Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to ...

... my mom.

Thank you mom for all the time and money you invested in my athletics growing up so I could go to college. For staying home with me. For driving a school bus and cleaning houses so you could be with us as much as you could. For praying for me. For hugging me. For doing your very best with me. For paying for my braces even though I didn't want them because you had just had them and they seemed to really hurt. For all your trips to visit me in Kentucky, Minnesota, Northern Florida, and egads ... Turkey and even Germany. For loving my kids. For loving my husband. For paying for my wedding. For being my friend. I love you mom.

... my mother-in-law.

Thank you for raising the most fabulous man I have ever met. For allowing him to date and marry me. For all the care packages and crafts and love and encouragement you have bestowed on us over the years. For truly being the kind of mother-in-law people wish they had.

... Joni.

Thank you for being family to me ("Aunt Joni") when we didn't have family living nearby. For loving me and being there for me through childhood, teenage years, infertility, adoption, and parenthood.

... Bri.

Thank you for choosing life for Isaac. There are no words for the gift you gave him, us, and everyone around us. You brought two families permanently together forever. I love you.

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AW said...

This made my cry. Precious. You are blessed Wen.