Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sunday Smatterings

Daddy: "We are going to go to a special place today. It's called Ephesus."
Isaac: "It's called the pool."
Isaac: "What's that Mommy?" (Pointing at some of the ancient columns in Ephesus.)
Mommy: "Those are pillars."
Isaac: "Caterpillars?"
Isaac: "I want to eat some yogurt."
Daddy: "Yes, Mommy is going to get you some."
Isaac: "I want to eat it myself."
Daddy: "Daddy's going to help you so probably not."
Isaac: "Probably I am."
Daddy: "Elijah, are you dirty?"
Elijah: "Not."
Daddy: "Are you stinky?"
Elijah: "Stinky bum."
Daddy: "Dooba-dooba-dooba-dooba-dooba-dooba-do."
Isaac: "It's not dooba-dooba-do. Okay?"


Grama di said...

Love it!

Monkey Momma said...

I love these! So like the conversations we have around here.