Sunday, February 20, 2022

Hard Days

There has been a lot of sadness/loss/frustration in our house during the last few days.

My migraines/female issues have not been getting better. That's hard all the way around. 

Secondly, we had another dog fight here at the house. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the Bostons vs. Arabelle is not going well. This time, Zoey was trying to save the Bostons and got caught in the cross fires. She is okay, but it was NOT at all something I ever want to have happen again.

Speaking of the Dunhams, they have pulled out of our house for two weeks back in Virginia. They will tie up all the loose ends, get their house officially packed out, and then return here for five days before life takes them to California.

Despite the fact that our dogs do not get along, the Dunhams being here has been something I am not sure I will ever be able to adequately put into words. Erin and I, as different as we are, have become absolute bosom friends. From the first time we met "officially" back in 2014 (I had been at their wedding a decade prior but never really knew her), we have hit it off. Something just clicked for us.

These seven months sharing our lives and homes together has been something I will always treasure ... always be thankful for ... never forget. Zach and Zoey are truly two of my most favoritest children ever. Zoey is SO incredibly smart. So well-read. She reminds me so much, in so many ways, of my Sidge -- and she looks up to him. Sidge is, no doubt, one of her very favoritest people. And Zach? Oh my gosh is that kid funny! What a card. A piece of work.

So there was the dog fight which led to a bite. There is the Dunhams leaving. There is Grampa and Grama leaving town for a week. 

And then today I got word of a death in our extended family. My brother's wife, Adrienne, had an Uncle that passed away during the last few days. This touches us all deeply because he is the father of their fourth/adopted son, Maddox. Both of Maddox's parents have passed away now. We are so incredibly happy that he has Keith and AD and three siblings to live his life with. But what an incredibly hard time for the Broyles family. Please keep them in your prayers.

In addition, John just returned from work, and he had a very difficult loss at work today. Sometimes you lose a patient that is just really difficult. And today was one of those days. John was thankful that he handled things the way he did. But it is still hard when someone dies "before their time."

Lots to be thinking about as I go to bed this evening ...

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