Tuesday, February 01, 2022


Today, a link popped up on my Facebook memories. I love getting these. We are nearing a decade of memories now that I am getting to reminisce about.

Some of the memories are hard. It was six years ago at this time that our Scrubs got sick. It's hard to reread about that pain of losing him. But it's also important to realize how much time has passed and that life does move on.

Another memory that popped up was a flashback to a post I wrote. You can read it here: Chocolate milk and M&Ms. I wrote this post in February of 2014. Seven years ago. How does time possibly go by that fast? How do children grow up before your eyes? 

I also realized that as my kids get older, my ability to share these intimate moments has decreased. This is because my children are older. They are wiser. They don't want their life shared with strangers. And I get that. It's one thing to share about a life with a toddler. It's a whole 'nother ballgame to share your life with teenagers. 

This morning I had a conversation with one of my teenagers. (As of yesterday, when Sidge turned 13, I have two teenagers so now, truly, it is not positive as to who this is.)

Teenager: “Oh, did someone buy more lunch meat?”
Me: “Yes. I did.”
Teenager: “Cool!”
Me: “Can you say thank you?”
Teenager: “I did. I said ‘cool.’ That’s the same thing.”
Me: “No. it’s not.”
I want to try to still record these moments in my life. These special times. These fleeting memories. They are going by SO quickly. People warn you of this. They tell you how fast parenthood goes. To enjoy every second because the seconds speed by. 
But honestly, it wasn't until the last year that I felt like I left childhood behind and entered into a new era. The days of being physically exhausted are long past. Now it is just incredible emotional exhaustion. Every statement I make is followed up by a series of negotiations/discussions/addendums. Nothing is simple.
Nothing was simple when they were little either. But the difficulties were small. Unimportant. 
I now have two teenagers. And I don't want them to grow up!

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