Sunday, February 20, 2022

Love Languages

This week, I had each of the kids take the LOVE LANGUAGES quiz. I don't want to provide personal information from my children, but I will say that my four children and husband all grouped into THREE categories. They were:

Quality time

Receiving gifts

Physical Touch

However, the Mama of the family fit into two completely separate categories that no one else placed in the top three:

Acts of Service

Words of Affirmation

This actually makes me feel a bit more "understood." Lately, I have simply been feeling misunderstood/unappreciated/taken advantage of.

I feel like I am doing things around the house, with the kids, farm, etc. all the time with no one really caring. I suppose this is how most mothers of teenagers feel?

But seeing that this may have more to do with how my family show love vs. how I show love really seems to tell me something.

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