Friday, December 10, 2021

Respite & Refuge

A month ago, John and I bought a one acre property about 5 miles from our farm. It is across the street from our cousin Eddie and his family's home. We love that area, and our two families have long dreamed and prayed about having a retreat center in Greene County for pastors and missionaries to retreat for respite and refuge. 

Honestly, we weren't sure WHY we were buying the property, but God just kept making it OBVIOUS he wanted us to buy it. The older lady selling it ONLY wanted to sell it to us. She owned property all around it and wanted to makes sure "good people" got it. Then, she asked us for an amount that was nearly identical to the amount we had available to pay.

So we did it.

Even as we bought it, we thought: we aren't sure WHY we are doing this. It's a beautifully FLAT acre (a rarity around here) that even has its own cemetery. It has a rather old and not-all-that-great trailer on it. Someday, we pictured a beautiful log cabin farther back from the road.

But for now, we'd put all the money we had available into buying the property.

So now what God? Why did we buy this if we don't have extra funds to put into fancy furniture to even allow people to stay in it.

That's when someone from my church posted that she had a futon available to someone in need. I told her that we didn't really have a NEED, but we had a bit of a grainy vision. We wanted to get the trailer furnished so people could have a free place to rest when they needed it.

She quickly agreed for us to take it. I never even thought ahead that people may see the post and offer other things. Honestly. I had totally just told God: "You lead us. We are so drained from our big farm and COVID and four kids and homeschooling. You get it done or it doesn't get done."

But a friend asked if we wanted a recliner. Yes! How about a basically new queen bed? Yes! Dishes. A table and two chairs. A bookshelf. Dishes. Carpets. A vacuum. 

Okay God. We are listening.

We still have NO idea what all of this means? But for now, we'll keep walking forward with HIS leading one step at a time.

We've had the vision for this "missionary retreat" on our farm for some time -- since shortly after we bought the farm. The words REFUGE and RESPITE were written on both of our hearts. 

In fact, it's a major reason my cousin, Eddie, and his family moved here. When he got an online job teaching, they loved our vision and thought: Maybe something will come of it

Both Eddie and his wife Hannah are missionary kids, and they have a heart for taking care of those who need a place to REST.

And so, we continue moving forward. 

If you would like to see our property, click on the video at the top of this post.

We still could use some other items -- especially some bunkbeds or other misc. kitchen items, etc.

Again, this is NOT a need. It is our hope that we can make this available for our pastors to take a day off, for missionaries to stop for free when they come through, or for people in need to have a place to rest. But we'll continue to just watch God move. I have no doubt that if we wants this home available, he'll make it work!

Thank you all! (And thank you God!)

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