Sunday, December 19, 2021

Good Bye Jacob

Today is a tough on here at the Bauernhof. Jacob, who has been with us as a wwoofer on and off for five years, but consistently the last three years is leaving us for new adventures. 

Jacob is a very private guy so I won't share a lot about him with "strangers" but I will tell you that Erin and her kids left for a three-week trip today. Grama Joni went home. And Jacob packed up his car and moved westward. Grampa and Grama are also currently out of town as well. So it really is just the six of us here on the farm.

Jacob promises we will see him again, but he's heading many states away, and we wonder when that could possibly be.

Abigail and Hannah and I had a good hard cry together as he drove away. It just won't be the same around here without Jacob.

That being said, we are looking forward as a family to new adventures. We will not be hosting farm volunteers anymore and are going to make a point to not have anyone live with us for the foreseeable future. We really feel that the age of our children is ushering in a new era for us. We've had someone living with us from 2010-2021, and now, it will be just us. We plan on this being the case for the remainder of our children's childhood. But we will see.

The Lord called us to this ministry. First Veronica from 2010-2012 and then my Aunt Connie for year in the Azores. John's parents moved in with us for two years before they had their own home again, and over the last 7 seven years, we've hosted dozens of volunteers for months (or years) at a time.

My boys are staying home alone now. We want them to not have "strangers" here when we leave them on the farm. So it is time to shut down visitors for awhile. We do hope Tijmen will be returning to us, and hopefully Jacob for visits. Erin and the kids will also be with us for 1-2 more months. But as this era moves on, we are going to hunker down and just BE ... the six of us.

Bittersweet today for sure.

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