Monday, June 29, 2020

We Bought a Farm: Pioneer Quest

I'm watching a FANTASTIC show with the kids on Amazon Prime: PIONEER QUEST. The premise is simple: take two Canadian couples into the wilderness and let them attempt to live like pioneers for one year. 

While I would never go so far as to say we are living like pioneers here at the Bauernhof, I would like to believe that the five years I have spent learning to farm have taught me quite a bit about the life they are attempting to live. 

I honestly could write post after post after post about how this show has gotten me thinking. (You really need to watch it!) It has really resonated with me on so many levels. 

But today I just want to talk one word:


I can so relate to the weather. The rain affects nearly every single thing you do on a farm. You are so reliant on the weather to get work done or get crops grown properly. Rain at the wrong time. Too much rain. Too little rain. You can't predict it. And yet you depend on it. 

Due to all the issues with COVID-19, the meat processors in our area have been very backed up. We had an appointment this morning that we could not just skip as we had waited a long time for it. But that meant catching sheep in the pouring rain. There was no choice. It had to be done. 

And so do it, we did.

And in the midst of that pouring rain, I made a very BIG error that could have cost us tons of time. 

Small, little errors can greatly affect your farming day. In the midst of moving these sheep, I got distracted. When I did, I didn't close a gate properly. All the sheep that are int his chute in the video, got out of the chute. This meant we had to try to herd them back into the chute.

We weren't able to. So we instead had to move in and catch them by hand. It cost us about 30-minutes. Not too bad. It could have been worse. My husband was incredibly gracious when he saw my eyes filling with tears. It was a mistake. We all make them. But making it in the rain seemed way worse.

Did I tell ya'll to go watch this show?!


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