Saturday, September 28, 2019

Painting Rocks with Ms. Leeann

Ms. Leeann is sooooo creative. And Friday was a GREAT day for creativity at our house. Two things were going on:

1. Hannah and Eddie had to drive 3.5 hours (7 hours round trip!) to pick up a new 15-passenger van that is joining their family. I decided with Leeann and our wwoofer Ana-Lisa here, we could handle all nine kids.

2. The boys spent the second half of the day playing PAINTBALL with the homeschool group. This meant that it was just the girls and the littles here while the three oldest boys and JB went and played. 

We therefore decided to really have fun being creative with them gone. So first up? Painting rocks with ms. Leeann. Here's just a smattering of what we did:

I love this picture of Kari. Kari is SUCH an artist. She is very different from all the other kiddos in such a wonderful way. When she started the handprint rock I told her, "I think that may be too hard Kari." But she just kept on with it. She's a gem.
Abigail appears to have inherited her father's love for the arts. (Her  mother has NO gifts in this area.) Seriously! None!

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