Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick updates

Well here are a few bullet points of what is currently going on in our lives:
  • John is still on research. On Monday and Tuesday this week he has to take some sort of life support class with a few other classmates who are currently on research.
  • Right now Jb is on the phone with our friend Ajit. He is currently on surgery in his home state of Arizona.
  • We are leaving for Chicago for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. We will actually be staying with Josh and Sarah but seeing the entire Huisman family for Thanksgiving at Kings' Community Church. We will also see my uncle Ed and aunt Janet as well as their kids and spouses and my Medema grandparents who I haven't seen since we moved to Minnesota.
  • Our first IVF appointment is on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29th. Please be praying for me and for Jb having to live with me as we begin this process. As always, we continue to pray that we will be pregnant on our own before we start IVF! I don't know all the details of the IVF appointment but will definitely update you on the 29th with complete details.
  • We are excited to be heading home to Florida for the Christmas holiday and really excited about our cruise. We were supposed to go Cozumel but are now going to Cancun due to the hurricane which went through and then hit our parents' in Florida. We are excited to go and also excited to finally meet my brother's new girl, Adrian "AD" ...
  • As far as the hurricane in Florida, both our families are doing well. We are a little leery of seeing the devastation when we go home. Our families have repeatedly told us things will look a lot different. In addition, my dad is still waiting for his satellite dish to be fixed -- this could take another month before their turn comes up.
  • We want EVERYONE to mark their calendars for May of 2007!!!! John will have his MD in just one and a half years and I am planning a BIG OL' PARTY! If you can come, we will find you somewhere to stay for sure :) We are also trying to come up with a great 3 week trip to take afterwards and are inviting anyone who wants to come to attend that as well. Our top three choices are Europe, Australia, or an Alaskan cruise.

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