Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Leaving for DC tomorrow

So here is a picture. I got Justin and Tara's permission to include them on the blog today.

So I am sorry (Jason, Mom K. etc.) that my blog has been a little pathetic the last few days. We got back from Chicago late on Sunday night and now we are leaving again tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon for D.C. so things are quite hectic. I'm doing laundry now to prepare for another trip. We'll be only home a few days before we go back to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Overall, there isn't really much to report. I am sorry that my life is so boring currently. My cousin Justin is in town visiting for awhile and we are having a nice time with him. Last night we babysat for Karuna. We had dinner with Tara, Justin, Jb, and I, and then Dave & Lesley brought over dessert. John and I were going to watch a movie but were just too tired from our traveling.

Okay, well, that's really all I have right now. Sorry Jason! Jason said if you want to read a REAL blog visit:!

I will probably not write until I get back from D.C. unless I have internet access there.


Di said...

But Jason doesn't update his very often either!!!

Ebby Ray said...

Hey Wen!

Great picture. Had a good time at dinner last night. Wish you were here!! Hurry back home soon.