Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Winter Wonderful Wonderland

We unexpectedly got a little bit of snow overnight -- not even an inch, but it was enough for all the kids staying on our farm to have some fun! Ethan and Eli (John's sister Elizabeth's twin sons -- our first BOI kiddos!) were staying at G&G's house. And Charleigh and Baylee (my brother's girls) have been staying with us. (Their parents and brothers are staying in Greeneville with my parents.)

Firstly, this morning, I went out to do to the chickens (and give Sidge a much needed BREAK!) and Ethan (and our three big doggies) came with us:

Baylee, Abigail, Ethan, Sidge, Hannah, and Charleigh: 
Then, it was time to get out on the frozen pond! This doesn't happen very often around these parts!

We had twins born on Christmas Day and this morning, another set of twins and a single! All mothers doing fantastic. Ethan had SOOOO wanted to hold a little lamb, but I told him they were hard to catch unless they were just born. Lucky him! There were three born this morning! Ethan is SOOO good with animals.

And now ... off to the FROZEN SOLID POND!!!!!

Only bad part of the day? Well, there were two parts. The first? A pipe in our garage burst. UGH! Not good. But second, Baylee did a little sledding, her glove got ripped off, and a bramble left itself very far down in her hand. John actually had to numb it up to get it out. But ..... she used this injury to convince Big Keith (her Dad!) to get everyone ice cream. Not too shabby! :)


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