Friday, December 02, 2022

Science (is not my thing)

I am English gal. But when you are a homeschool Mama, sometimes you gotta branch out a bit. Science is majorly branching out for me. 

Science "activities" are just not fun to me. I know that they are incredibly rewarding and that the kids love them. I know that they will have wide-eyed wonder. And yet, I still don't want to do them. It just feels like too much work for too little reward.

However, sometimes, one comes together that isn't too hard and is especially rewarding/fun for the kids. 

This week it was fingerprints. We used pencil and scotch tape and templates of hands and viola! there you have it. It was fantastic. I did it with the "quad squad" (Gen, Eoin, Hannah, & Abigail) and it went wonderfully!

I love feeling accomplished :) 

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