Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Selling our eggs

 (Recopied from Facebook)

Ultimate Farm-Fresh Eggs
Available for pick up in Greene County, East Tennessee.
I challenge you to find a healthier egg!
We wanted to raise our own food in as ideal a way as possible for ourselves to eat. We now sell what we cannot use to help offset our costs.
Our goal with our chickens was to help our hens produce the absolute healthiest eggs possible. Period.
This takes commitment to allow our chickens to live as naturally as possible while providing ideal nutrition and safety.
Chickens are inquisitive animals with a complex social hierarchy. Chickens need to chase bugs and scratch the earth. Chickens need to be outside… to live like they were designed to live.
Our chickens eat organic chicken feed from New Country Organics, composed of soy-free, organic grains, mineral-rich kelp, and probiotics. But they also eat as much fresh grass, insects, and worms as they desire.
Chickens are omnivores. They eat seeds, fresh plants, and any bug or crawling thing that may cross their path. When chickens eat a wide variety of food, their eggs are significantly more nutrient dense than what you could ever find in a grocery store.
Our chickens are completely free range. No fences. No cages. They roost in a coop that we lock each night to keep them safe from nocturnal predators. The mobile coop is moved every few days around our farm. Our hens are let out every morning to roam wherever they want through the day.
On our farm, our pastures receive no herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or other synthetic chemicals. Our livestock receive no antibiotics, hormones, dewormers, or vaccines.
Fresh air. Sunshine. Fresh pasture. Ideal feed.
Our chickens get to live each day like a chicken is supposed to live, and they produce the ultimate farm-fresh eggs.

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