Friday, March 18, 2022

Saying good bye to Ms. May

Tonight we said good bye to our little "May." Our new breeding Mama, Raven, only had a litter of two, which I really think meant saying good bye, all the harder.

My parents are driving by the farm at 4am. I'm gonna meet them at the gas station about 10 minutes from our house to save them a half hour on their 12+ hour drive. 

Because I'm not going to get the kids up in the morning, tonight we say good bye to Ms. May. 

She is going to an older gentleman. His daughter is my friend on Facebook because we went to the same Christian school once upon a time in South Florida, many moons ago. 

He recently had to put his wife in assisted living after caring for her for a decade, and he needs something to fill his days.

This pup will do the job!

Oh man, this pup was our hardest good bye yet.


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