Saturday, March 26, 2022

Ms. May Meets Her Forever Gentleman


Raising puppies is a lot of work. We only planned to ever do ONE litter of puppies. We just wanted to pay for our Arabelle and Ritter. (The farm is always trying to break even.) But when I asked "old-time farmers" the things they remembered most from their childhood, "the puppies" always fell out of their mouths within their first few thoughts.

And then there are the people we get to make happy. We consider it an honor and a gift to bring joy to other families. This gentleman recently had to place a wife he loves into a home so she could get more help. And this little girl, named May by us (and he'll keep the name!) will get to provide comfort and joy to his years without her. He lost a previous Aussie a year ago so this will be his new BFF. All the way in Florida!

What a privilege. What a gift. I know technology has its downsides but MAN how wonderful to get to connect with people many states away. His daughter went to high school with John and I. SO many moons ago! To think that through that connection, this connection gets to be made. To get to bring joy and see the joy on the faces of people through the Internet and photography. To have a Facebook page where we can all stay in touch. 

Those are the good things about living in 2022!

There are good things about life. 

Life can be hard. My migraines have been plaguing me relentlessly. Teenagers talk back. Russia is attacking Ukraine. 

But there are also puppies.

There will always be puppies. :)

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