Friday, January 14, 2022

A few points

Today, the following happened (in no particular order:

  1. I moved the sheep by myself. This required extensive hose moving which made it a difficult move. At least an hour for this.
  2. I happened upon a couple having sex in their truck on our property. This will be a funny story someday I think. Actually, it's almost already a funny story. At the time, I was slightly concerned as to why there was a blue truck parked by our barn. But as I went closer, it became very evident what was going on in the truck. I had JB on the line (we were talking sheep when I noticed the truck) and brought Arabelle with me. They left behind a soda bottle. I called asking if they wanted it, but they did not. Go figure.
  3. Took the boys to karate and went grocery shopping during the outing.
  4. Drove my girls over to the Kotynski for their 3 hour school session and did a 1 hour session with my 10th graders (Gabe, Katy, and Maryah while I was there.)
  5. Had a good discuss with good-ol-Tijmen (our loyal Dutch wwoofer who has become like family to us) about his future. I miss him!
  6. Received a text from Jacob. He is doing well at his newest adventure, but we miss him here on the farm. Hannah misses him most of all, and if we even talk about him a little bit, she starts crying.
  7. Had a way-longer-than-I-wanted-to-discussion with our teenager in the house in regards to attitude/behavior. Sidge will join the teenager club this month too. It will finally be here. Two boys who are thirteen.
  8. Cleaned up a dog peeing on our bedroom rug AGAIN. Raven (who is pregnant) has been having a real difficult time with her bathroom habits since becoming pregnant. I'm getting mighty tired of it.
  9. Another dog, Arabelle, barfed all over a different rug (initiating argument with teenager in #7).
  10. While teenager was frustrated with the dog from #9, another dog (Ritter) ate Isaac's sandwich off the table. (Seriously. Reality TV shows have nothing on our family.)
Either way, John is home now for an hour two before he goes back into work tomorrow. He wasn't supposed to work yesterday or today, but COVID has hit his ER again ... two mid-levels down with it.

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