Sunday, June 23, 2019

We Bought a Farm

I forget who I am and that it is not the way the world is sometimes. As I pulled into a gas station to use the bathroom, the looks I got were quite interesting — even out here in rural Tennessee. 

“What kind of animal is that?” I was asked repeatedly. 

“A ram.”

Their faces would still look confused. 

“That means a boy sheep,” I would say. 

They’d ask why were traveling, and I’d try to explain why you can’t keep the same Daddy ram on your farm forever. I kept it short and sweet because they looked confused almost as soon as I started speaking. 

Five years ago did I know the answers to those questions? 

Five years ago had I ever driven a truck? Had I ever sold a four-legged animal? 

To answer another popular question: “Yes, it is sad to say good bye to animals.” However, it is also simply a fact on a farm. They have roles. You try to know those roles and prepare yourselves for them from the beginning. 

There is a hierarchy to life on a farm. 

1. Humans 
2. Dogs 
3. Sheep (and these are layered by popularity too!)
4. Geese 
5. Laying chickens 
6. Ducks
7. Other poultry 

The farther up the line you go, the harder a good bye is .... the more money and time you are willing to spend on that animal should one get sick or need to be sold. 

That’s farming. 

Captain came to us about two years ago. He was the Daddy ram for one full season on the farm and got to bat back-up for another. But we can’t keep him breeding his daughters and granddaughters so a new farm is going to take him and love him. We will add a new ram in the fall as well. 

A ram has a fantastic life as long as he doesn’t screw it up by getting overly aggressive with his handlers. Just mate the ladies and ear your grass and you are golden. Captain has done just that wonderfully. 

“Cap” did a great job. 

Onto green pastures. 

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