Saturday, April 06, 2019

When friends love nature with us

John's childhood friend Craig came into visit us. His wife Erin has become a dear friend of mine. Her two little kiddos joined us for a fun couple of days. There were so many great pictures, I just couldn't limit what I shared.

Love this one of Zach and Sidge with their dads in the background.

Isaac did a great job teaching the kiddos about the ducks (which are Isaac's main responsibility.)

He explained to Zoey that you have to back up and give the ducks space so they will go get in their water.

Zach and Zoey joined us for a homeschool day -- here's Abigail working on letters with Zach and Genevieve. 

Macaroni cheese for 13 children. That's a lot of boxes of Mac & Cheese.

I love Zoey just keeping her foot on Ritter. He loves people.

Kari took the kiddos out for some chicken time. Zoey absolutely LOVED the chickens.

Isaac reading with Zoey during the school day.
Zach jumped into school with the other little kids.
Isaac helping Zach with piano.

We planted some trees with a bunch of the kids. 105 more in the ground. Getting closer to our 700 number.

Zoey collected worms while we were planting trees so she could feed them to the chickens.

Yes that's Genevieve and Eoin and Hannah in a muddy creek.

I love this picture of Erin and the chicken.

The little doing a puppet show for everybody else. Actually ti's a "finger puppet" show.

Erin was a professional ballerina -- she went over some moves with Abigail yesterday.

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