Saturday, March 18, 2023

We Bought a Farm: The story of the rat

It isn't just one rat. Mice and rats are a thing on a farm. They are a thing everywhere, but they are especially a thing when you have food and feed and poop and all kinds of things that rodents like everywhere on your property.

We attempt to keep our farm clean. In fact, we admitted defeat to the rodents and bought a feed shed that is currently RODENT PROOF!!! because we just could not keep those stinkers out of our feed no matter where we put it. They won!

(Lest you think we do not respect these ungrateful freeloaders, click here to see one of the kiddos earliest science lessons!) And it doesn't end there! Baby mice have even been in our house (by choice!) And if you are in the mood for some tears, try clicking on this post about the mouse Sidge saved.

But, back to my story ... we continue to fight the good fight here on our farm.

Ritter is our RAT KILLER! Outside of getting his belly rubbed, killing rabbits or groundhogs or rats or mice are Ritter's specialty

I had to laugh the other day when I saw this video stumble onto my computer screen with a woman screaming bloody murder at her dog for catching a groundhog. Ummm, they are carnivores? Is this so incredible? My dogs attempt to kill something nearly everyday -- especially Ritter -- and he's successful a lot of the time. 

Okay, gross alert coming up:

(Have you ever heard a dog's mouth crunching a rabbit's skull -- it's really awful. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have shared that but the sound of it is stuck in my head forever.)

Okay, okay! My story!

We have a rat living on our porch that is proving especially challenging to catch. Prior to me shooting this video, Sidge had come running in and said: "Dad! Send Ritter out! There's a rat for him to catch."

John went running out the door with Ritter in tow. As he did, John second-guessed himself and said: "Actually, you know what, Abigail, grab a ..."

In his mind, he was thinking: "Grab a second dog."

(He thought two dogs might be able to corner the rat better.)

But before he could get the words out, Abigail guessed for him. So it went like this:

John: "Actually, you know what, Abigail, grab a ..."
Abigail: "Broom?"
John: "No."
Abigail: "Machete?"

At this point, we just burst out laughing. Only our farm daughter is thinking machete as one of her top words when it comes to rodents.

I love this life.

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