Saturday, March 04, 2023

Deep Family Loss

I posted a few days ago about how my Uncle Jeff died, suddenly, in his sleep on Thursday, March 2nd -- his wife, Sue's, birthday.

Jeff and Sue have three sons: Jeremy, Eric, and Ryan. Jeremy and Eric live locally, but Ryan and his wife Bri and son Caleb (who adopted through Because of Isaac years ago) got on a flight from the west coast where they live.

Just as they landed, new news arrived. Eric's wife, Becky, had collapsed in their home. They were unable to revive her. She was 38. They are awaiting autopsy, but initial guesses were a brain aneurysm due to a headache she had been complaining about earlier in the day. They have 8-year-old twins: Ben and Brody.

To say the family is reeling is obviously an understatement. I am leaving to attend what was supposed to be my Uncle Jeff's funeral. I have no idea, at this point, how that will be handled. What was truly supposed to be a celebration of the life of my Uncle Jeff, will obviously be impacted greatly by the untimely loss of Becky.

It was March 14 of last year (2022) that Jeff and Sue and Eric and Ryan along with their kiddos came and spent a week in Tennessee and stopped by the farm to see us. ONE YEAR. 

Please be praying for this entire family. This loss is simply unfathomable. For these 9-year-old boys to lose their Grampa and the next day be told that their Mother had died isn't even explainable/fathomable. 

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Buttercup said...

My sympathy to all of your family. May their memories be for blessings.