Friday, September 23, 2022

What we want for our children


This is what I want for my children. John and I have discussed this. We must allow our kids, especially our Sidge who has a great propensity for nature, to dilly-dally. Sometimes, we get outside, and we are on a mission to get this farm chore done. Or that farm chore done. But Sidge never is. He's enjoying being outside. He's looking around. It's about the journey. Not the destination.

This story reminds me of a trip I took with three friends. Angelica (from Spain), Rana (from Turkey), and my friends Sarah and I (Americans.) We were in DC. Sarah and I wanted to get to our destination. We could stop and talk once we got there. But for Rana and Angelica it was about taking the trip, making the walk, enjoying the time together. When Sarah and I (sort of) said: "Let's keep walking!" they were like, "Why? We can stop and talk! It's about enjoying the journey to the spot."

Such a different perspective that I think parallels how Americans just ARE about things sometimes.

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