Thursday, November 04, 2021

Our counter


This one picture is my life. Look carefully:
Mead on the counter wrapped in a towel (there’s always beer or Mead brewing!),
A random pumpkin to cook (never for show!),
The vacuum waiting to be run in the background (it will end up being put away before it’s ever run),
One daughter going to get her ballet hair equipment (per my third request)
A son with a school question (he always thinks I’m not available quickly enough),
Bulbs needing to be planted,
Garlic from our garden,
A mug of someone’s tea,
and a random mushroom John found who knows where ….
You can’t see the other daughter behind me ready to get their hair “bunned up” for ballet while she watches Dr. Pol, a son off in the fields relocating chickens, the two dogs underfoot, and the one dog outside who took off on a farm adventure that we can’t find anywhere (he finally came home after finding a rabbit that needed to be half-eaten.)

P.S. Husband is sleeping at the neighbor’s empty house to get rest for his night shift. For some reason, sleeping at our house during the day is a no-go. 

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