Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Introducing Z&Z!

I am not sure why the Lord has decided that our life will be anything but quiet. 

I find it ironic that my BIGGEST fear when we bought this farm was that I'd be lonely all the way out here in Bulls Gap.

I ... am ... never ... lonely.

There are people here. All ... the ... time.

Sometimes I wish I could be a little lonely.

But we've told the Lord that everything we have is HIS and we will listen and do with what he gives us as he asks us.

He has asked us to let Erin and Z&Z stay with us for 6-8 months.

Their Dad is deployed. Because of COVID, they knew very few people where they were living, and as soon as Dad gets back they will be off to a new base.

So Erin and her husband (my John's very oldest and dearest childhood friend) decided: "Let's make the most of this time without our Dad and LIVE on a farm!"

They will be staying in our RV for the foreseeable future, and we couldn't be more excited about it. We feel called to the military community. It will always be a part of us. And to serve our country by supporting one family during this journey brings us GREAT joy.

(In addition, Erin may be the cleaning-est/helpful-est person I've ever met, and her kids are SO DARN NICE! I am especially excited that their oldest daughter is Abigail's age. Oh for her to have a friend her age when she's always surrounded by bigger girls!)

Erin has given me permission to include snapshots she takes on the Blog so that you can see the farm through NEW eyes. I will be showing how non-farm-kids spending half a year on a farm see their life here as they dive right in!

So here it is. Post #1 of Z&Z!

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