Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Funnies

Hannah is still the funniest kid! But I didn't write down a lot of the things she said this week. The one that does stick out to me was that our friend Jake asked her a question and Hannah's response was: "Perhaps .... That means maybe." I think this is a combo of her love of Fancy Nancy, and my attempt to use as many big words as I can with her. 

While she continues to make us laugh often, she also leaves everyone in the family with jaw on the ground regularly. JB was up on the ridge line with our WWOOFer when my phone rang. It was JB asking me if I knew where Hannah was. I actually didn't at that moment. This isn't unusual. I lose Hannah regularly. JB said to go check by the van. Sure enough she was buck naked going potty outside. Brilliant. To her defense, she had asked Joni if she could go potty. She just didn't say where she was going.

Did I tell you she drank bubbles today? She did. She also told a check-out clerk. "My name's Hannah. I'm my Mommy's kid."

Anyways, enough of Hannah. Here is a fun video that is currently making me laugh:

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