Sunday, August 28, 2005

A day at the Fair

Yesterday (Saturday), Jb and I experienced, for the first and will probably be last time, the Minnesota State Fair. We went down to the fair with Tara who is in Jb's class (there are pictures of her in past journal entries) and a friend of her's, Brad. I am really glad we went and were able to experience the fair as Jb had never been to a state fair, and I think I had only been briefly to one in Illinois or Indiana over a decade ago with my dad and some of the Huismans. However, the fair is pretty expensive and pretty crowded so I think one experience is enough, but we did have a really fun time.

We have been on a sweet fast, but we decided to forego it for one day to experience the Fair in all it's glory. So we tried a lot of the legendary Fair food including FUDGE PUPPIES ON A STICK (thin Belgian waffles dipped in fudge, covered with whip cream and sprinkles). We also tried DEEP FRIED CANDYBARS ON A STICK. This is not something I am kidding about. They take a 3 musketeer bar (or other candy of your choice) and deep fry it. In my personal opinion, they totally ruined a good candybar. These were not horrible, but for 50 cents (instead of $3), you could buy a candybar out of a vending machine and it will taste better. I have never seen so many things deep fat fried (this includes, potatoes and eggs among other things) and so many things on a stick. You can even buy a t-shirt on a stick. Quite interesting!

I am enclosing two pictures. Unfortunately, we did not bring our digital camera and Tara's regular camera pictures won't be ready for awhile so I am enclosing a picture online that actually looks like how crowded this place was after lunchtime. We got there early. From 9-12, it was wonderful, but after lunch, the place became wall-to-wall people! Yikes!

The other picture I am enclosing is a picture of one of the animals we saw while we were there and really got a good laugh about. We saw every variety of horse, cow, sheep, rabbit, and pigeon you could imagine. We saw horses no bigger than Bronte' and horses whose backs were higher than John's head. We also got to see a bee exhibit which JB really enjoyed. I was terrifed for this man in the bee cage, but he didn't seem to be terrified at all as he picked this bees up for us to see!

The animals were wonderful but my allergies took a toll from all that hay. I had a full-on allergy attack! Sneezing, runny nose, inability to breathe without feeling like a feather was stuck up my nose. Not good.

We got home around 4:30 and Jb and I went and sat in the hot tub before I went to bed around 8:00. He watched Independence Day and I have no idea what time he came to bed -- maybe about 10:30.

It is now Sunday morning, and we are being very heathen-like by skipping church. I am just not feeling great and we would like to get a bunch of stuff done around the house. Jason & Kathleen are coming into town on Saturday! This will be tons of fun.

In other news, as I told most of you, my MRI was negative and did not show any pituitary tumor. So, will begin to look into some other possibilities. Your continued prayer is always appreciated.

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