Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Meet "country girl" Erin

I used to go into the grocery store and see dirty people and wonder how they ended up in a store with dirt on them: dirty pants, dirty shoes, dirty dirt. I remember not understanding how people ended up in a store, dirty.

Fast forward.

I'm a farmer. And now, I am pretty sure every time I am in the store, I am mostly dirty.

Here's the thing: you are working on the farm. And you need lunch. You need groceries. Do you stop and shower and get cleaned up and go to the store and come back and get dirty again? Or do you just go to the store, dirty?

The answer is: dirty. You just run to the store ... dirty.

Now, enter my amazing friend Erin and her two kids: Zoey and Zach.

I'll be honest. In the months that Erin has been living with us here on the farm, I have not gotten tired of her or her kids even one time. They are simply an amazing fit on our farm. 

Things are not as we planned. We planned on them being in an RV on the other end of our property. But issues with the RV meant it got delayed in being available. So, firstly, they ended up living in our house for about a month and now are living in the RV right outside our house instead of across the property. 

Erin and I are really not alike at all. While we are devout Christians and are raising our children very similarly, Erin is from the Boston area. She mentioned "the mall" to my children the other day, and her jaw dropped when Hannah told her she thinks she has only been to the mall one time. She was a professional ballerina. While raised slightly rural, she is a city girl. Bugs? Dirt? Processing animals? No thank you!

Erin is a self-proclaimed reformed spoiled child. Today, she is so efficient with money. They try to save every single penny. But she is not a farmer. She is not a country girl. 

Erin is the girl who could not believe how people could end up at the grocery store dirty. But then, she and the girls harvested beans at the Kotynski's with us and decided to go grab lunch on the way back to the farm. And they ended up looking like this:  

Check out those boots on Zach!

And even better? Take a look at ERIN!

I'm so proud of Erin! She is officially a country girl now!

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