Sunday, August 22, 2021

A Homeschool update

In addition to homeschooling the Kotynski kids and the Kitsteiner (my) kids, I have the incredible pleasure of homeschooling these two amazing ladies/ballerinas/Christians:

The gal on the left is Maryah. (She's my nephew Gabe's girlfriend, and I love her!) This is my first year helping to homeschool her. The gal on the right is Katy. This is my second year having her join our class. She is about as lovely as they come and has great aspirations of being a professional dancer. I am teaching their Bible/History/Language Arts to these two and Gabe as a high school class. We are doing SONLIGHT Christian History and British History. It's tough stuff.

I am also doing a 7-9th grade class for my boys, Ana and Kari. In addition, I am teaching the Language Arts portion of their class in co-op. Unfortunately, I had to give up teaching PE at our co-op which is sad for me. But being a former English teacher, I want to help the co-op by providing high quality classes.

Aunt Hannah Kotynski is teaching "the quad squad" which is Abigail, Hannah, and her Genevieve and Eoin. So I handle the big kids, and she handles the little kids. Uncle Eddie is teaching Spanish/Chemistry/Geometry to Ana, Gabe and Katie. And my John is teaching science to Sidge, Isaac, and Kari.

In addition, with our friend Erin here, they are participating in some classes with us. In fact, little 4th grade Zoey is taking a 7th grade English class with us. And Anni is doing sewing on Saturday mornings.

School is underway, and we are having a ton of fun -- and working hard!

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