Friday, January 24, 2020

Happy Birthday JB!

My husband is 44 years old today! Forty-four! How is that possible? He's been the love of my life since he was seventeen. Over 25 years!

I'd love to tell you all the wonderful things we have planned for his birthday, but the ballet is dominating our birthday for him this year (and the past four years). Not that he'd complain. 

Greatest man EVER!

For his birthday this year, I thought I would write down all the "hats" JB has worn since I've known him:

  • Graphic designer
  • Disk jockey
  • Landscape employee
  • Physician
  • Soccer coach
  • Team statistician
  • Chef
  • Farmer
  • Birder
  • He's done photography for weddings
  • He's made a cake at weddings
  • He's done flowers for weddings
  • He's done make-up for ballets
  • Husband
  • Dad
  • Brother
  • Uncle
  • Son
  • And sooooo much more!!!!

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