Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pee-pee Diary Photos

I almost put a close-up of Isaac's little naked bum on the blog but thought better of it. No underwear for him. :) Notice that the rug is rolled up and not in the picture! We stayed with hard floors and wipeable chairs at all times!

Maybe only a mother can think this is cute? But I do.

Potty training is continuing today -- Sunday morning. Isaac woke up asking to go potty and Elijah followed suit. Isaac hasn't done #2 in two days though (VERY unusual for my 3-times-a-day boys) so we are watching him for "retentive" issues. Either way, we'll push onward, pleasantly surprised by how well this is going. We don't think Elijah is ready yet for anything that doesn't include us asking him to go every five minutes, but Isaac seems to totally get what is happening. Everyone told me that potty training is exhausting and times two?! I feel we are running down the hallway (rugs rolled up) a few times every minute!


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